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Minecraft: Osenia

Ascalon is the first paid Minecraft Realm of the Sylphe Project. It is a Sky Factory 4.0.5 server based on Minecraft 1.12.2. It is hosted by Tyria, which is currently our most powerful server.


  • Status: Online
  • Host: Tyria
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 25565 (standard port)
  • Type: Survival
  • Version: 1.12.2
  • Modpack: Sky Factory 4.0.5
  • Slots: 20
  • ACL: Whitelist


Ascalon, as well as each active Realm, is locally archived each hour for the last 48 hours. That way it can be reverted in case of griefing or data corruption. On top of that, a copy of the latest backup is sent to Neudaiz so that if the disk crashes on Tyria, an emergency replacement Realm can be created immediately.

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