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-[[minecraft:​brinstar]]+====== Minecraft: Indra ====== 
 +Indra currently is the main Realm of the Sylphe Project. It is a **vanilla 1.13.2 server** running on [[http://​​|Spigot]]. It was hosted by [[servers:​zebeth|Zebeth]] under the name Brinstar for a limited time as [[minecraft:​osenia|Osenia]] required [[servers:​weyard|Weyard]] to run. It was then moved back to [[servers:​weyard|Weyard]] as its popularity increased. 
 +{{ :​games:​indra.png?​nolink&​200|}} 
 +===== Configuration ===== 
 +  * **Status:** <color red>​Offline</​color>​ 
 +  * **Host:** [[servers:​weyard|Weyard]] 
 +  * **Hostname:​** ''​''​ 
 +  * **Port:** 25565 (standard port) 
 +  * **Type:** Survival 
 +  * **Version:​** [[http://​​|Spigot]] 1.13.2 
 +  * **Modpack:​** None 
 +  * **Slots:** 20 
 +  * **ACL:** Whitelist 
 +===== Mapping ===== 
 +You can watch the server map [[http://​​maps/​indra|here]]. It is powered by [[http://​​bukkit-plugins/​dynmap/​|DynMap]],​ a very useful and lightweight mapping system which renders all chunks and shows currently logged players. 
 +===== Backups ===== 
 +Brinstar, as well as each active Realm, is **locally archived each hour** for the last 48 hours. That way it can be reverted in case of griefing or data corruption. On top of that, a **copy of the latest backup** is sent to [[servers:​neudaiz|Neudaiz]] so that if the disk crashes on [[servers:​weyard|Weyard]],​ an emergency replacement Realm can be created immediately. 
 +===== Additional info ===== 
 +    * Since players have been complaining about slowness when playing on separate parts of the world in early 2017. [[minecraft:​brinstar|Brinstar]] was moved back to [[servers:​weyard|Weyard]] and renamed to Indra in May 2017. 
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